10 Reasons to Call Us Now

Here are 10 reasons you should call Patrick ShwalukDoctor of Chiropractic – Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician today…

  • We have a patient centered practice. The focus is on you.
  • We are about identifying and correcting the cause of your pain – not justmasking the symptoms
  • You will find that we listen to you – to find out exactly what you need
  • You will be given a thorough history and examination to determine the mechanism of your injury and the pain producing tissues
  • We will match your condition with the most appropriate treatment protocols
  • We use a wide range of safe, gentle, effective techniques including manual chiropractic manipulations, Activator, Neuroimpulse, drop tables, western acupuncture, kinesiotaping, ultrasound, cold laser, Graston technique, cross fibre friction , myofascial muscles release and rehabilitation exercises
  • With advanced computerized scanning  of your feet we can evaluate the relation between your feet and the pain patterns in other parts of your body
  • We can supply you withcustom made Foot Levelers Spinal Pelvic Stabiliser Orthotics, heel lifts, foam rollers, Thoracic Pillows, Dennerolls, Bassett Lumbar supports and contoured latex pillows to give your body the support that it needs while you stand, sit and sleep
  • All prescribed custom made orthotics and lumbar supports come with a money back satisfaction guarantee
  • Our office is family orientated. You can bring your kids with you. There is plenty of free parking and we offer the convenience of paying with HICAPS, MasterCard and Visa.

So call for an appointment today to see how we can help ease your pain!